Archeological Tour

Puerto Escondido was settled in 1200, a community of Mixtecos, fisherman, hunters, farmers, weavers, and ceramicists.  There is a rich history that remains largely undiscovered by archeologists.  Gina’s tour will introduce you to this hidden history.  So often in Mexico artifacts are taken by visitors, robbing the locals of their culture.  Gina’s tours emphasize “pay for view” – you pay to look at the artifacts and leave them here.  You’ll see ancient necklaces, axes, mill stones, weaving instruments – take a picture, but leave them here.  Continental breakfast is included at Cafecito Zicatela – a yummy local cafe.

The tour costs $600MP.  Minimum 4 people.  This a rustic walking tour, so you must be able to walk on unpaved roads.  6:45 am – 11:00 am.

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