Gina Machorro – the “Information Goddess” of Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is the jewel of the Pacific coast of Mexico.  Come visit us!  Surf, relax, swim, visit the market, see turtles laying eggs, learn about local culture, food, dance, indigenous communities.

Gina Machorro, better known as “the Information Goddess,” will introduce you to the riches of Puerto Escondido.  Every town should have a Gina, but she’s one of a kind.  With years of tourism experience, she has her hand firmly on the town’s pulse and knows and is known by everyone in town.  She speaks several languages and will chat with visitors for hours to help them figure how to spend their time, locate a laundromat or plan a wedding. She conducts city, agricultural, archaeological and Day of the Dead walking tours, visiting local indigenous families, the mercado, herbalists, and restaurants serving traditional cuisine.

Contact Gina at, (954) 582-0276, from the U.S. or Canada 011 52 954 582 0276.

Check out Gina on TripAdvisor – Gina is rated one of the top 15 Things To Do in Puerto Escondido!!

John Noble, Author, Lonely Planet Mexico says:

I’ve been writing guidebooks for Lonely Planet for over 25 years, covering over 20 countries, and have been helped by many hundreds of tourism information officers in that time. I’ve been visiting Puerto Escondido regularly since even before Gina moved there. I can honestly say that I have never anywhere come across any tourism officer who rivals Gina’s combination of helpfulness, knowledge, enthusiasm, language abilities and love of the area she works in. Go to her with any question you have.

P.S. I don’t make this kind of comment without meaning it!

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