Cooking with Gina

Cooking ClassGina offers fantastic cooking classes with authentic Mexican Chef Rosa Maria.  Learn how to make authentic Oaxacan food and then sit down together for the feast!  Can accommodate 6-7 people.

Here’s what one of the participants had to say:

Gina wears a t-shirt with the embroidered message, “The Info Goddess.” If you’ve ever been to Puerto Escondido, once or even one hundred times, Gina will make you current the moment you stop by her kiosk.

So naturally, the first thing to do upon arrival in Puerto is to check-in with Gina.
And that’s exactly what we did when we arrived (for the seventh time).
She greeted us by name. Her clients, old or new, become her family. After a few moments of catch-up, she said, “even though you’ve been on all my walking tours and excursions, I have something for you that you’ll love; A MEXICAN COOKING CLASS.”
My wife was delighted at the prospect. I freaked out because cooking is not on my list as a pleasurable exercise…I only enjoy the eating part.
As it happened, because the class was almost full, only one of us could partake. Gina looked directly at me as if to say, “Larry, you’re the one.” My wife’s steely glance confirmed with Gina. I was volunteered.
Here’s how the cooking class worked: I would go to the nearby home of Rosa Maria, a celebrated Oaxacan chef, work with her, her three assistants and three other candidates for three hours to prepare a four course Mexican feast for nine people to be served that evening.
Why nine? For our spouses, and of course, Gina.
Truth be told, I loved the experience. Not only did I gain the ability to produce a gourmet Mexican meal but I gained the confidence to start a new hobby (which delighted my wife).
The feast was “not to forget.” Back at Rosa Maria’s that evening, we dined on a sumptuous Mexican salad, tropical soup, Oaxacan rice and Maria’s recipe of herbed chicken wrapped and baked in banana leaves… and drank copious amounts of sangria.
Was it fun?  It was awesome! Plus my wife and I met the other interesting and friendly couples.
Next year in Puerto, we’re expecting another great GINA adventure.
PS – I even got a monogramed cooking apron!

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  1. Samantha Walsh

     /  April 29, 2015

    Can you pls tell me when and if I can join one of your cooking classes

    I am one person.

    Thank you


  2. Gina

     /  December 6, 2015

    Hola Samantha please come see me we will start a cooking class by Thursday I´ll be at

  3. Nicole

     /  October 17, 2016

    Hi Gina,

    Do you have space for 2 for a cooking class sometime this week? Wednesday if possible?

  4. Jenny

     /  November 11, 2018

    Looking to take a cooking class. Is it possible before Tuesday?



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